Providing Read-Aloud Accommodations during Distance or Digital Learning

A number of my students receive reading aloud of test questions and/or passages and/or answer choices as an accommodation per their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In order to still provide them with this accommodation via distance or digital learning, I have decided to use Google Forms for this final exam.

I took me some time to do research and figure out the best method so thought I would share what I have figured out and share the sample form I have created!

Our district provides us with assessment platforms that have the read-aloud feature built in, but I have been using Google Forms throughout distance/digital learning as it is phone and tablet friendly for my students that do not have computers. And now, my students are used to and comfortable with Google Forms and I do not want them to have to learn a new piece of technology for their final exam!

So I have added the read-aloud feature to my Google Form by just adding recordings of the questions.

In order to ensure that they can access the recordings and are comfortable with how the read-aloud feature will work, I have created a trial form for them to test it out a week before their final. This will allow students and myself to ensure they have access to the read-aloud functionality on their devices.

The form is Disney themed to make it fun – but the goal is for students to see different types of questions and audio lengths – so thought I’d use Disney trivia to make it fun!

This is what the directions look like!
This what one of the questions looks like!

Feel free to check out the form here:

Form to Test Out Read Aloud

And grab the copy for yourself for FREE below (this will be a force copy link so it will ask you to make a copy of the form). I suggest you replace the recordings with your own so that kids are used to your voice!

Click Here for a FREE COPY of the Form


2 thoughts on “Providing Read-Aloud Accommodations during Distance or Digital Learning

  1. That’s a fantastic way to provide a tricky accomodation. We’ve been creating a Google Meet and reading aloud to everyone who chooses to attend, but your idea makes it far more individualized. Thanks for sharing!


  2. You’re welcome! This also helps since some of my students have to take their exams based on their work and family schedule!


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