Pen Collection and Organization

Hello! Welcome to another post!

Today, I am sharing my pen collection and how I organize all of my pens! I know I have quite a few (I know a lot more than a few! Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with pens! And over my lifetime, I have managed to collect quite a few over on my own and through my friends and family!

But just like my insane amount of Post-its, I use pens all day everyday so they all are well loved!

I keep these pens on a pull out space in my desk (I think this space is traditionally meant for a printer). But having them right next to me and at hands reach allows me to easily see everything when I need them!

I am using a wooden crate rack from amazon to store them along with two metal organizers from Office Depot. I put small pieces of cardboard on the bottom of each of the cubbies on the wine rack so the pens wouldn’t fall through. I have a total of 20 cubbies and a crazy number of pens! Can you guess how many? (I’ll reveal the final number at the end!)

Wooden Crate – 

White Metal “STUFF” Organizer – 

Here is what each cubby holds!

Cubby 1: 

Tombow Dual Brush Pens – I have a couple of singles and these two packs (but there are lot of different colors):  

Marvy Dual Brush Pens (found these at the Dollar tree a while ago)

Zig Writers – I just have a few singles for now:

Cubby 2: 

Pentel Fude Brush Pens: 

Zebra Brush Pen: 

Tombow Fudenosuke: 

Cubby 3: 

Tombow Twin Tone – I have the rainbow and pastel packs: 

Cubby 4: 

Sharpie Click Highlighters: 

Zebra Mildliners: 

Cubby 5:

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners:

Staedtler Pencil: 

Sharpie Metal Pen: 

Sharpie Pens: 

Cubby 6: 

Papermate Flairs Med: 

Papermate Flair Fine: 

Cubby 7: 

Papermate Inkjoy Gel Clickable: 

Papermate Clearpoint Pencils: 

Cubby 8:

Papermate Inkjoy Gel Capped: 

Papermate Clearpoint Colored Pencils: 

Cubby 9: 

Pilot Precise V5 Capped: 

Pilot Precise V5 Clickable Deco Pack: 

Pilot Precise V5 Clickable:

Cubby 10: 

Pilot G2: 

Pilot G2 Pencils: 

Pilot B2P Pens: 

Pilot G2 Dr. Grip: 

Pilot Metropolitan Rollerball (Takes G2 Refills): (Couldn’t find my color but they come in lots of different colors)

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen: (This is the color I have, but it comes in lots of different colors)

Cubby 11: 

Pilot G-Tec: 

Pilot Maica Single: 

Pilot Maica (All Color Pack): 

Cubby 12: 

Pilot Frixion Fineliner: 

Pilot Frixion Click: 

Cubby 13: 

Pentel Energel Capped: 

Pentel Energel Libretto (Rose Gold and Silver Pen):  

Pentel Quick Click Pencil: 

Pentel Twist Erase Pencil: (Come in different colors and different sized packs)

Cubby 14:

Pentel Energel Clickable (Med): 

Pentel Energel Clickable (Needle): 

Pentel Energel Pencil: 

Pentel Energel Multi Pen:

Pentel Energel Multi Pen with Pencil (I don’t have this one yet!): 

Pentel Energel Style Pen (I have the black barrel, but it comes in lots of colors): 

Pentel Energel Alloy RT (I have the black barrel, but it comes in lots of colors): 

Pentel Kerry Pencil:  

Cubby 15: 

TUL is available on Amazon as well, but Office Depot usually has a better deal!


TUL Black Edition: 

TUL White Edition: 

TUL Pencils: 

Cubby 16: 

Uniball Air: 

Uniball Jetstreams: 

Uniball Vision Needle (their design has been updated): 

Uniball Kurutoga: 

Uniball Signos: 

Uniball Signos Colored: 

Cubby 17: 

Random Pencils 

Zebra Delguard Pencil: 

BIC Velocity Max Pencil: 

BIC Pencils: 

Papermate SharpWriter Pencils:  

Ticonderoga Pencil: 

Cubby 18: 

Random Pens and Pencils

Gelly Roll White: 

Vera Bradley Pen/Pencil Set (Not available anymore)

Kate Spade Pen (my design isn’t available, but there are a lot of other designs:  

Waterman Pencil: 

Cross Pen (Someone got me an engraved version of this): 

Cross Fountain Pen: 

Shefar Calligraphy Fountain Pen: 

Post-it Flag Highlighter:

Post-it Flag Pen/Marker (Not available anymore) 

Cubby 19: 

Avery Highlighters: 

Sharpie Highlighters (this set comes with the non-fluorescent yellow): 

Sharpie Clearview Highlighters: 

Cubby 20: 

Random Stuff

Planner Glue Stick (Not available anymore, but here is a link to a sold out version): 

Staples Highlighters: 

Micron Plastic Nib: 

Papermate Handwriting Kids Pen: 

If you’d like a more detailed look, check out my video!

I’d love to see your pen collections and organization! 

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